Chuck Whetsell, PhD

Advanced Certified Rolfer®


Chuck studied at the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, receiving his basic Rolfing® certification in 1979. In subsequent years he continued his training through the Rolf® Institute, especially focusing on the interrelationship of soft tissue and the bony skeleton. He completed his training to become an advanced certified Rolfer® in 2000 (see "What is an advanced Rolfer®?" in FAQs).

Prior to becoming a Rolfer® Chuck received a BS in Biological Sciences from Indiana University in 1976. He moved to Boulder that same year, where he matriculated at Naropa Institute, a small buddhist inspired college. While studying at Naropa, Chuck also attended classes at the Boulder School of Massage therapy, completing an 1100 hour course of study in 1978. He completed his Master's degree at Naropa the following year, receiving an MA in Buddhist and Western Psychology.

Chuck moved to Lexington, Kentucky at the conclusion of his trainings in Boulder, practicing Rolfing® full time until 1984, when he entered a doctoral program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Kentucky. Continuing to work as a Rolfer® while completing his doctorate, he was awarded his PhD in 1990.

Chuck continued to Rolf® in Lexington, while also working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a psychologist. He moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 1995, and has continued to work as both a Rolfer® and a psychologist during that time, including a several year stint of teaching a course on body-mind psychology in the Virginia College massage program in Birmingham.